Tinnitus Management

It is estimated that around six million people in the UK experience persistent tinnitus. Tinnitus is the general term to describe the perception of sound where there is no presence of any corresponding external sound. It is often described as ‘ringing’ in the ears, however it may be perceived as a range of different noises including buzzing, hissing or humming. Tinnitus varies greatly from person to person, for some people it may be intermittent whilst others experience it continuously.

It is not a disease or illness, but a symptom generated by the auditory system associated with hearing loss, problems with the hearing pathway or Ménière’s disease. It can also be caused by persistent exposure to loud noises which can damage the cochlea (organ of hearing).

It ranges from very mild to severe, where the continuous barrage of sounds and sensations is nothing short of debilitating. In some cases, tinnitus can have a huge impact on your quality of life, possibly affecting your ability to concentrate or to fall asleep.

Treatment of tinnitus

There are lots of types of treatments to help reduce the presence of tinnitus. Hearing aids are often the first thing that is recommended for tinnitus that is associated with hearing loss. More sounds being processed thanks to the hearing aid helps to mask unwanted sounds and help you to hear more of the environmental sounds around you.

Sound therapy is another form of treatment for tinnitus. Many modern hearing devices offer customisable and comforting sound stimulus that can be fine-tuned to your own personalised sound to help sooth your tinnitus and take your focus off it. There are lots of different types of sound therapy to choose from including nature sounds, music and white noise.

Stress and the brain’s response to tinnitus can impact the symptoms of your tinnitus. You will often be advised on relaxation strategies to help reduce stress and anxiety related to tinnitus and help increase comfort and deal with any negative thought processes related to tinnitus.

Coupled with the correct rehabilitation, a hearing aid from Integrate Hearing can usually dramatically reduce tinnitus or sometimes it can even remove the effects completely.

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