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Schwarz Optometrists, Wrexham

Address: Schwarz Opticians, Charles Street, Wrexham, LL13 8BT
Opticians and Hearing Centre Website
Telephone Number: 01978316777 
Services offered: Spectacles, Contact Lenses, Free NHS Eye Tests, Children’s Vision, Over 40’s, Driving Vision, Long Sight/Short Sight/Astigmatism, OCT & Retinal Photography, Coloured Overlays & Lenses,  Welsh Eyecare Service, Home Visits, Corporate Eyecare

Archways Private Medical & Health Clinic Romiley, Stockport

Address: Archways Private Medical and Health Clinic, 86 Stockport Road, Romiley, SK6 3AA
Private Medical and Health Clinic Hearing Centre Website
Telephone Number: 01614303349 
Services offered: Audiology, Massage, Osteopathy, Psychotherapy, Cosmetics Aesthetics, Ultrasound Radiotherapy, Nails, Microblading, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT),  Counseling, Reiki

Back to Health Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Wrexham

Address: Back to Health, 21 Grosvenor Road, Wrexham LL11 1BT
Back to Health Chiropractic and Hearing Centre Website
Telephone Number: 01978264531 
Services offered: Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Sports Massage, Soft Tissue Therapy, Reflexology.

Gareth Huw Jones Consultant Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeon, Wrexham

Address: Spire Yale Outpatient & Diagnostic Centre , Chesney Court, Technology Park, Wrexham LL13 7YP
Email:  theENTclinic@hotmail.com
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Services offered: Hearing loss, Hearing restoration surgery, Eardrum repair, Eustachian tube dilation, Grommets insertion (glue ear treatment), Balance disorders, Dizziness, Sinus surgery, Septoplasty surgery, Tonsillectomy, Laryngoscopy investigation,Balloon sinuplasty for chronic sinusitis, Allergy testing

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We offer all aspects of hearing care in Manchester city centre, Stockport, Cheadle Hulme, Ashton-under-Lyne, Romiley & Marple. Whether it be ear wax removal, hearing aids, hearing tests or tinnitus treatment, we can help. Please click on one of the following services for more information.

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Hearing Aids

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Tinnitus Management

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Private Hearing Aids

Hear well and stay integrated, with a choice of the latest hearing aids from the best manufacturer’s brands like Phonak, Unitron, Widex, Signia, Starkey or Oticon. Our honest, unbiased and comprehensive advice helps you understand your best hearing aid features and styles. We offer a 14-day FREE trial, moneyback guarantee and fully inclusive aftercare package on all our devices to prove our dedication to your satisfaction.

Hearing Aids

Invisible, rechargeable or Bluetooth, find the best digital hearing aid technology to suit you.

14-day FREE Trial

Take your recommended pair home and try before you buy.

I would like to thank Olivia for her home visit to remove wax from my mother’s ears today. She was fantastically reassuring, professional, courteous and patient. Every step of the process was carefully explained and she was meticulous in her safety procedures. I would not hesitate to recommend Olivia to anyone needing any audiology services.

Olivia is absolutely brilliant. Can’t praise her too highly. Wasted 9 months at another clinic where none of my problems were ever solved. Olivia gave me back my hearing in under two. She is the Super Woman of hearing problems!

Visited Olivia today at Cheadle for ear wax removal. I was very impressed with her professionalism and friendliness which I feel would put even a nervous patient quickly at ease. The treatment was trouble free and pain free and reached a successful outcome with complete removal of the wax. I would not hesitate to recommend Olivia to any potential patients.
Norman Wall
After having microsuction, I discussed the possibility of a hearing aid from Olivia after having problems with my NHS aid. At each appointment I found Olivia very thorough and professional. She was careful to ensure that I had exactly the right fit and that I was happy with it. She was helpful, pleasant and made me feel relaxed. I am very happy with my new neat hearing aid. Thanks Olivia!
Jean Silvester