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Hearing Appointments in Stockport

Hearing loss is extremely common, and for many of us is simply part of the natural aging process. It can range from mild to profound and can be caused by a range of factors such as ear wax blockage or damage to eardrum or organ of hearing. Hearing loss negatively impacts on a person’s communication in social situations both at home and at work. In many cases hearing loss happens gradually and can go un-noticed so it is very commonly family and friends that may notice it first.

Are you or a loved one suffering from one of the following symptoms? If so, why not book in for a Hearing Health Check?

  • Ear Pain
  • Tinnitus
  • Difficulty in hearing speech on the television
  • Struggling to hear when using the telephone
  • General loss of hearing clarity or feeling as if others are mumbling
  • Difficulty in understanding conversation when in background noise

Hearing Tests, Hearing Aids and Tinnitus Treatment in Stockport

We provide bespoke hearing packages, offering you a choice from the full range of digital hearing aid styles and technologies at our Stockport clinic.

Many of our hearing aids are small and discreet and we prescribe only the latest digital hearing aid technology from world leading manufacturers, so you can trust in the quality of your hearing devices. On your journey to better hearing with Olivia you can expect to receive honest impartial advice, a free hearing aid trial and a lifetime of unlimited aftercare to help take you into your better hearing future.

If you are suffering from tinnitus correcting your hearing or wearing a tinnitus masking device may be the first step to alleviating your symptoms. Results can often be seen instantly and demonstrated at your tinnitus assessment appointment. Booking in for a tinnitus assessment in which we attain what it is you are experiencing, and how it is affecting you, what it’s cause may be and is the first step towards treatment and improving your everyday life.

Ear Wax Removal in Stockport

We offer both the more traditional method of ear irrigation and the latest and safest methods of microsuction ear wax removal.

Benefits of being seen by a qualified audiologist:

  • Short waiting time for appointment
  • Expert service from fully trained professional
  • No need to soften with olive oil for weeks!
  • Latest and safest methods used
  • Pain free & quick
  • Suitable for those with perforated eardrums or narrow ear canals.

Emergency Ear Wax Removal

We understand that severely impacted ear wax can be painful and debilitating. Suction ear wax removal in most cases does not require pre-treatment with olive oil, sodium bicarbonate or hydrogen peroxide ear drops. This procedure is therefore advised for all same day ear wax removal appointments as the safest method of ear wax removal. If you have any concerns about troublesome or uncomfortable ear wax and wish to speak to our hearing specialist before booking your ear wax removal appointment, please get in touch.

Book your domiciliary home visit hearing appointment

We offer home visit hearing appointments for ear wax removal and hearing tests in areas surrounding our Stockport clinic. All of our equipment is portable and therefore you can benefit from all of our hearing services in the comfort of your own home. Whether it be that you cannot get out to visit us at one of our clinics or would just prefer to have your appointment at home, rest assured that you will experience the same high-quality care at home
as you would in one of our hearing practices. Our hearing specialist Olivia is very experienced in both hearing tests and ear wax removal at home and can adapt to most situations, including for bedbound patients.

If you are looking to book an at home hearing test, hearing aid assessment, or ear wax removal at home either by microsuction or ear syringing we service the following areas:



Hazel Grove





Booking Your Appointment

Appointments are available every Tuesday 10am to 5:30pm. Home visits are available in Stockport and surrounding areas.

Please find the contact details for our Stockport clinic above and get in touch if you would like to arrange or amend an appointment.