Integrate Hearing Reviews

Olivia truly cares about improving the lives of her customers and prides herself on providing them with the highest standards of customer service. She provides a friendly and relaxed environment for her all her customers whilst providing knowledgeable, trustworthy, professional advice.

Olivia takes great satisfaction in helping all her customers with their hearing needs. Here is what some of our customers say about the service they received from Olivia.

I would like to thank Olivia for her home visit to remove wax from my mother’s ears today. She was fantastically reassuring, professional, courteous and patient.

Every step of the process was carefully explained and she was meticulous in her safety procedures. I would not hesitate to recommend Olivia to anyone needing any audiology services.

Thank you Olivia for visiting and for what you did for my wife’s hearing aids. She was really struggling with her NHS Hearing aids and you gave her the benefit of your knowledge. We are following up on your advice and we will let you know how she gets on when we see you next.

Olivia was approachable and efficient in all my appointments. I’m happy with the service I received and with my hearing aids that are easy to use and even link up with my mobile phone to take calls and alter their volume if I want. The hearing aids are much smaller and far less obvious than I had initially imagined – I wouldn’t be without them now.


I saw Olivia for micro suction ear cleaning initially, then an audiology test to confirm the need for hearing aids and finally had some hearing aids supplied and fitted by her. She explained fully the range of hearing aid options available to me and advised which were best for me. I also had a trial to make sure that I was happy with them. I found Olivia to be patient, knowledgeable and helpful, which really put me at ease.


Thank you Olivia for your quick response to my request for an appointment. I found you to be very professional and took time to discuss my problem and explain the procedure both before and during the treatment for wax removal. I was given detailed written & follow up information. I was very pleased with the outcome and would recommend her services as an Audiologist.


After using NHS hearing aids for over 10 years, I was finally persuaded to go “private “ – how glad was I !!

I was fitted with a pair of Phonak Audeo B- direct hearing aids by Olivia, who is a warm and friendly person, very approachable and thoroughly professional. Olivia showed me how to connect to my mobile phone via the Phonak app. which makes using the phone so much easier. My hearing now is so much improved that I feel a new world has opened before me. So – thank you Olivia, I never realised that I was missing so much !!

I highly recommend Olivia and Integrate Hearing.


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!! I have had this treatment done before by others but never have I received such wonderfully thorough service. And successful results as Olivia achieved. She did a survey of my history of ear wax problems and made sure I was comfortable with the process. And she explained everything as she carried out the techniques required to get me hearing properly in both my ears. I would say She went over and above what I expected and I would highly recommend her dogged determination to get the job done. To anyone else who is putting up with this Social annoyance that Olivia clearly (no pun intended) has the solution to, I would say pay Olivia a visit with your problem and just watch her bring your hearing back to life again like she did for me!! Very best wishes, Olivia. From Dave, A very happy Customer.


Olivia was extremely professional and very helpful in removing the ear wax which was causing a blocked ear. I would certainly recommend her services and wouldn’t hesitate to go back should the problem arise again. Thanks so much!


I would certainly recommend Olivia Jane Austin at Integrate Hearing. I will go back again.


Just a short note Olivia to thank you for your excellent service as I upgraded my hearing aids. You were always willing to listen and go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. I can’t thank you enough. In Appreciation, kindest regards.

Mrs Thompson

After having miscrosuction, I discussed the possibility of a hearing aid from Olivia after having problems with my NHS aid. At each appointment I found Olivia very thorough and professional. She was careful to ensure that I had exactly the right fit and that I was happy with it. She was helpful, pleasant and made me feel relaxed. I am very happy with my new neat hearing aid. Thanks Olivia!


Olivia Austin came out to me this afternoon. So informative, professional and a very cheerful lady. Syringed my ear and I can actually hear without asking people to repeat what they said. Definitely use them again. Integrate Hearing from Stockport.


Thank you Olivia for providing an exceptional service to my husband, after conducting a hearing test you fully explained the different hearing aids available and your guidance was really helpful with the transition to wearing hearing aids, you explained the whole process fully and he now has aids to suit his life style. We would highly recommend your services.


I can honestly say that I feel a new woman after receiving microsuction at Integrate Hearing. Olivia’s thorough explanation, care and attention along with her gentle and friendly manner made the experience a very positive and reassuring one.


The experience from start to finish was relaxed yet highly professional. Olivia gently allayed my fears about wearing a hearing aid and after extensive testing, explained the options very clearly. I’m now the happy owner (wearer!) of a tiny device that’s genuinely changed my life! Thank you Olivia (wish is done it years ago).


Just to say massive thank you to Olivia, I was so impressed with how she fixed my ear which was blocked in minutes , I was seen within 2days of speaking with her on the phone which was a massive improvement on the 6 weeks waiting time at my local NHS clinic !!!

I would recommend anyone who is suffering with blocked ears to ring her, don’t wait in discomfort for weeks to see your local GP !! Money certainly well spent.


Audiologist Olivia Austin discusses some of the feedback she has received from her patients about the improvement in their hearing after starting wearing hearing aids.