Hearing Tests

Hearing Health Check

Ideal if you have never had your hearing tested before. If you feel your hearing is ok, but would still like a hearing test or if you feel there may be a loss, but you’re not quite ready for a full hearing assessment, then you may wish to have a hearing health check style hearing test.

A Hearing Health Check is shortened version of a full hearing assessment and lasts roughly 15-20 minutes.


Hearing Health Check Procedure:

  • We ask you a few medical questions related to your ears and your hearing
  • We use an otoscope to look into your ears and examine their general health
  • We conduct a ‘screening’ hearing test which tests the key frequencies to confirm if your hearing is within a normal range
  • If a loss is found, it may highlight that you would benefit from a full hearing test or referral to your doctor. We can discuss your options with you, allowing you to decide your next step to better hearing


What happens if ear wax is causing my hearing loss?

A build up of ear wax can often be the cause of hearing loss. In order to get the most accurate results on your hearing test we require your ears to be clear of ear wax. Your audiologist will be able to check whether you have an ear wax blockage as part of the pre-hearing test assessment and either remove it there and then or book you a follow up appointment to have your ears cleared. At Integrate Hearing we use the latest method of microsuction ear wax removal as well as ear irrigation (or ear syringing) which is quick and pain free. Once your ears are cleared of wax we can then complete your hearing test and advise you on the results.


What happens if the test shows that I need hearing aids?

If the hearing test shows that you have a certain degree of hearing loss you may require a more thorough assessment to test your hearing in more detail. If hearing aids are recommendable your audiologist can help direct you to the best hearing aids for your specific hearing requirements and listening enviroments. At Integrate Hearing we offer a wide range of hearing aid options from market leading hearing aid manfufacturers so whatever the hearing aid style or technology you need, we have you covered!


Are you experiencing ear pain or tinnitus? Are you struggling to hear the TV? Are you missing parts of conversation or struggling to hear the TV or telephone? Are you having to ask people to repeat themselves or struggling to hear when there's lots of background noise? Book a hearing test with us today!

Please contact us on 0161 706 0067 if you would like advice or to book a Hearing Health Check today.

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