Olivia talks about how tinnitus (ringing in the ears) can be and indicator that of damage to your organ of hearing following to exposure to loud noises. She also discusses options with regards to custom-made hearing protection from Integrate Hearing.

So, we’ve all been stood next to a speaker in a nightclub and come outside to hear our ears are ringing, so a lot of people ask me what that means?

Essentially its means you have damaged the delicate hair cells in your organ of hearing and it can actually alter your hearing slightly at that time so you can have, what we call a temporary threshold shift, where your hearing deteriorates for a period after you’ve been exposed to loud sounds.

The tinnitus is just a sign that you have done damage to them.  Sometimes this is temporary and sometimes this is permanent, and it can show up there and then, but sometimes later in time.

So, if you are going into those kinds of environments where your ears are ringing afterwards then that is a tell-tale sign that you need to be wearing hearing protection.

Custom hearing protection would be advisable if you are going somewhere on a regular basis because they are reusable, you don’t have to spend on them all the time and it means that they are to the exact shape and size to your ears and its means that they filter out the  noise so that you can still speak to the person you are stood next too, you can still hear the music th.at you want to listen to or whatever it might be that you need to do but that the harmful sounds are filtered out.