Olivia talks about ear wax, treatment of ear wax with olive oil or ear drops and answers the common question of ‘What should I do before my microsuction ear wax removal appointment?’


So generally when you come in for ear wax removal, the best advice would be for you to come along and for us to have a look at it and see what the wax is like in terms of the consistency and the location and then attempt to remove the wax at that appointment.

A lot of people ask me whether they are going to get the wax out on the first appointment and unfortunately it is a little bit like how longs a piece of string but generally I would say we get the wax out on the first appointment.

I offer a free of charge appointment as a second appointment if you do need it or until the wax comes out.

Generally I would advise that you don’t soften with drops or at most a couple of days, drops can help to loosen it but if  you’ve got the point where you have blockage generally your going to have 80 to 90% at least, of your ear canal blocked with the wax and the drops just soak into it, which then expands and seals off any gaps that you have in the ear, which means that your hearing deteriorates and you also feel a little bit more uncomfortable. So it would be better if you could come in, just let me have a look and then we go from there.