Olivia discusses the benefits of wearing your hearing aids as much as possible, whether a new user or experienced wearer, maximising the amount of time you wear your hearing aids is good for your health and your communication.

Q- How often should I be wearing my hearing aids?

A – So people are always really interested to know how often they should be wearing their hearing aids.

I have quite a few jokes with people when they come in and they admit to me that they do not wear them all the time. Ideally really you should be exposing your brain to the right amount of sound all the time, so putting them in, in the morning and taking them out at night-time is the aim.

It means that the whole time that you’re hearing, you’re hearing as you should be but also you’re exposing your brain to the sound so a lot of people don’t know that hearing loss is linked to increase risk in Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Essentially the simplified version is if you’re not using your brain properly it can deteriorate or re-wire itself so I would always advise you to wear them as much as possible but then I understand that it may not always be appropriate.

For example, I see some people where they rely on a carer to put the hearing in aids in and the carer doesn’t come until lunch time and that’s perfectly fine.

I think when you first get hearing aids the key is to try and maximise the trial that we do, so we do a free trial for people therefore you’d really want to make the most the free trial in seeing what the hearing aids can do for you.

Maybe start for a few hours a day, try four at least and then try an increment up each day to the point in which you are wearing them all of the time.

As long as you take it at your own pace and you’re happy with that, then that’s fine.