Olivia talks us through alterations in her practice to cope with COVID-19 including increased infection control precautions and wearing of PPE.

What additional procedures have been put in place to maintain safety during COVID 19?

So, I’ve been open throughout the coronavirus pandemic offering patients essential services for hearing care.

Microsuction you will find that most the places locally have stopped providing ear was removal on the NHS, so I’ve actually been really busy when it comes to ear was removal.

I’m one of the only local providers that offers microsuction as well, so that has meant we have been really busy, but to make sure that we are offering a safe service, we’ve had to change quite a few things that we do in clinic and for home visits.

For instance, additional PPE has been worn. I wear a face mask; I give the patient a specific type of face mask as well.  I wear aprons and gloves, also a face visor and googles so there is that element to it.  Also I have cut down the number of appointments that I do so that I am leaving adequate time between each patient to properly clean down the area, which we were cleaning down anyway as it’s a healthcare profession so the infection control precautions are good anyway but it just gives us that little bit extra on top to make sure that any surface that’s touched is cleaned and ready for the next patient