Olivia talks about how she offers demonstrations and test-at-home free trials on all hearing aids before purchase and how this contributes towards finding the perfect fitting hearing device for every customer.



So, a hearing aid purchase is a really big investment really. A lot of the time it’s a considered purchase and you want to make sure that you’re getting the best advice for all of your needs and you’re going to be happy with them.

And I think that its only fair for the patient for me to give them something and for them to try them at home in their own environment so that they can be certain that they get the benefit that they are looking for .

Talking to me in clinic with hearing aids in isn’t necessarily going to show you exactly what it’s like when you are at home, or in a café, when you’re chatting to your family, when you’re in a group and I think its better for everybody to have the pressure off of feeling like you’ve got to invest in something  you don’t necessarily have any faith in.

Generally it works quite well for people because they can go away and then tell me what they like and what they don’t like about the sound of the hearing aids and I can adjust it over the course of the hearing aid trial and then that means that by the time they do come to purchase them, they’re set up exactly how they like them and we both know that it is the right thing for them.