Everybody ask me whether or not you need new hearing aids every time your hearing changes, and the answer is no. Because hearing aids are set up on the computer for your prescription, all we have to do is re-test your hearing and then re-prescribe the hearing aids to the new prescription. So they last quite a number of years.

On average we say that hearing aids last between 3 and 5 years, but that’s based on numerous things. So, it might be that your hearing really changes, but that’s probably not going to be the case. Most of the time it may be that people’s lifestyle changes or that their processing ability changes as well, so you might find that you want to go to a slightly higher technology level if your processing deteriorates. It’s also to do with people dexterity, so sometimes people find that they may have had one style that they then may struggle a little bit more with, they may want to change the style of hearing aids. And then a lot of people actually, I’d say the biggest one for me is that a lot of people may want to upgrade the hearing aids. So, like you may get a new television or a new car, as the new technology comes out people say “Oh, you know,  I really want that new one that I’ve seen on this advert” and we’ll change for that reason.