Once somebody has the hearing aids fitted, they will have quite a few follow up appointments to make sure that the hearing aids are fine-tuned for their individual needs. So, there’s a lot of personal preference that goes into hearing and I need to make sure that the hearing aids are set up for how they like to hear in different hearing environments. So, they will go out and use them in their own home environment and then they will come back and give me feedback on how they feel that things sounded. So, if somethings and bit too loud, if somethings a bit to quiet, if things were not as clear as they had expected, then I can adjust them on the computer. It is all digital.

They will do that until they drop down to 6 months check-ups. At that point I may say to them, I’ve seen you enough times now, we are both happy with your progress and I’ll see you again in 6 months’ time

Standardly I offer a lifetime of aftercare with the hearing aids, that’s all included in the price, because I know that I want to make sure that you’re hearing your best with the hearing aids as long as they are going. So, I will see you every 6 months then and do a yearly re-check of the hearing to make sure if there if are any minor adjustments then we can do that.