Olivia talks about some of the latest hearing aids features in 2020 and how there is a common misconception that advanced hearing aid technology makes hearing aids hard to use. In fact it’s the opposite! Most hearing aids are designed to be user friendly and do everything for you.


Q- Does advanced technology in hearing aids mean they are difficult to use?
A – I think sometimes that the idea that something is technologically advanced to can be a bit overwhelming and a bit off putting because it sounds like its going to be advanced and hard to use for the end user.

I find the more advanced the hearing aid then the less you have to do and it means that the hearing aids fit seamlessly into your lifestyle so for example the blue tooth streaming devices, they are great because you can connect them to any blue tooth app, or anything that has blue tooth it at all, laptop, phone or TV and it will send sounds straight to the hearing aid which means the wearing hears things with more clarity.

It’s not that difficult to use and I find that most of my patients that already have a device that has blue tooth and know how to use that then its just a case of sitting with me and learning how to do a couple of things on their device so that the hearing aids are connected and away they go really.

Things like rechargeability as well can sometimes sound a bit new but generally use that for making it easier so changing batteries if you have dexterity problems with your hands or fingers can be a little bit fiddly therefore if you use a rechargeable device, which works I say a bit like an electric toothbrush, and you just put the hearing aids on charge over night and then next morning you put them back in again.

They turn off as soon as you put them into the charger and then they turn back on as soon as you take them out so that in itself that people really love, not having to think about whether their hearing aids are switched on or off.