What prompted you to think about going to have your hearing checked?

Hearing hasn’t been great for a while, and I was missing out on lots of conversations

Was there anything that put you off having your hearing checked?


What struggles were/are you having with your hearing prior to getting hearing aids?

Conversation was difficult and also with people wearing masks during COVID it made it nearly impossible to hear people properly

Have you worn hearing aids before? If so what made you upgrade to newer technology?


Did you know anything about hearing aids prior to your visit? If so what were they?

Yes I did some research on different types and saw that some were very discreet which helps as I shave my head.

What made you decide you were going to try hearing aids?

Unsure at first because I have put off having them for a few years because of the visibility of them

What were your first impressions of the first week you got the hearing aids?

I was amazed at how many sounds I could hear and the clarity of conversation and the discreetness of the ones I chose

What sounds could you hear now that you could not hear before the hearing aids?

The wind fridge makes a racket. Group conversation is really noticeable as I can hear more than one person speaking, most sounds were subdued before but now everything is clear.

How have the hearing aids improved your life if at all?

They have definitely improved my life, I am not asking for people to repeat themselves anymore and conversation flows better, tv volume is right down now as well.

What were your overall thoughts of the service at integrate hearing from start to finish?

Really first class, I dealt with Melissa Kron who was very professional and polite. She made the experience of having the hearing aids fitted as perfect as could be. She went through every step of what will happen with the hearing aids and how to use them and all the back data comes from Integrate Hearing.

Would you recommend someone to visit Integrate Hearing for a hearing check? If so why?

Yes definitely, the location of the clinic in Wrexham is very easy access for anybody, also the booking in process is easy and Melissa Korn who I have been advised by has been brilliant from start to finish.