Independent hearing professionals rank best provider again in 2021. Although rated as the most expensive, independent retailers come out on top in all categories of the report and therefore rated best value for money.

The latest report on which hearing aid providers to use. Independent hearing aid suppliers come out on top! Read our customer reviews

Which? Report 2021 results on best hearing aid providers.

Which? surveyed thousands of hearing aid users about their experiences and obtained scores about product ranges, staff, thoroughness of testing, hearing aid appearance, hearing aid sustainability, aftercare and price.

What the results of the Which? report shows

Independent hearing professionals rank best provider again in 2021 similar to the previous 3 years of the report. Although rated as the most expensive, independent retailers come out on top in all categories of the report and therefore rated best value for money.

  • We score mostly 4 or 5 out of 5 stars in all categories.
  • Overall customer score 86% in comparison to chain providers which peak at 78%.

Why choose independent hearing specialists over a chain provider?

Not only do independent hearing aid suppliers appear to offer the best value for money, they also Which hearing aid manufacturer is the best?
No matter which UK market-leading manufacturer you wish to use, Integrate Hearing offers the full selection of hearing aid styles, features and accessories. We have no affiliation with any one manufacturer and therefore you benefit from impartial advice and selection from the widest available choice of hearing devices.

Some hearing aid manufacturer brands are provided under the same company umbrella. For example Sonova owns both Phonak and Unitron and WS Audiology owns both Widex and Signa brands.

Find out more about some of the best hearing aid manufacturers such as Phonak, Unitron, Widex and Oticon

Why choosing the best hearing aid provider is so important

Finding the right hearing professional is a crucial part of your hearing loss journey. You need to have confidence that you will be treated by the best hearing specialist in order to obtain and maintain the best hearing possible from your chosen devices. Most hearing aids on the private hearing aid market are good quality and therefore the secret to success with your digital hearing aid is often based on the assessment, fit and after provided by your hearing professional. Without trust in your audiologist, you may end up with the wrong device that you won’t wear.

At Integrate Hearing we offer impartial advice, top quality aftercare and the best products on the private hearing aid market. At your assessment we can guide you through the answers to all your questions and we are confident that after your free trial you will be happy with your chosen devices and inclusive aftercare. But don’t just take our word for it, do you research! And what better place to start at than the Which? report for best hearing aid providers?

Private Hearing Aids Vs NHS – what is the difference?

Whether private hearing aids are worth the cost in comparison to wearing NHS hearing aids is a common question for many first-time wearers or those with existing NHS aids. While NHS aids are sufficient for some users the private market offers styles and features on hearing aids that are often not found in NHS devices. The aftercare service included as part of your purchase is another thing that sets private aids apart as you are monitored more closely in order to keep your hearing at its optimum. Regular follow ups, retests and servicing are included in the price of your aids and the time spent with you in order to achieve your goals is limitless. At Integrate Hearing you will spend more time with your audiologist with longer and more frequent appointments that allocated on the NHS.