About Olivia Austin

Integrate Hearing, established in June 2018 was founded by Olivia Austin BSc. (Hons) RHAD.

Olivia is a fully qualified Hearing Aid Dispenser and is registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) and affiliated to the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (BSHAA). She graduated from Manchester University, known within the industry as one of the top universities within the UK, with a 1st class Bachelor’s degree in Audiology and clinical distinction for practical qualifications. She has worked within a range of National Health Service (NHS), national and independent hearing providers delivering audiological services in hospitals, on the high street and within patient homes across the North West. After managing a number of independent hearing practices and gaining a wealth of clinical and business experience she decided to fulfil the ambition of opening her own hearing care business. Olivia combines thorough hearing assessments, a patient and supportive approach with transparent and trustworthy advice to put her patients at ease in every appointment. Olivia lives in Stockport with her family and aside from business is extremely social. She loves to bring happiness to friends and family them through her love to cook and bake.

‘As independent hearing professional I am able to offer impartial advice on hearing products from all manufacturers in the industry and freedom of choice to my customers.

I understand that every person is unique and therefore I need to make sure each hearing journey is equally individual and personalised to their specific needs and wants.

I can offer all aspects of hearing care, meaning that the appointments seamlessly flow without referrals on to other professionals. Whether it be wax removal, hearing protection, music devices, hearing tests or tinnitus rehabilitation, whatever the patient needs, I can provide.

My academic background and passion for hearing aid technology means that I always endeavour to deliver my customers with the right hearing devices from a list of ever expanding technologies.

My years providing at home hearing services has given me direct experience of the everyday challenges people go through with hearing loss and how it affects people’s lives. I understand the struggle in coming to terms with wearing a hearing aid for the first time, followed by the difficulty in choosing the right hearing specialist and finally the correct devices! I’m enthusiastic about my profession and my patient care and friendly and positive approach to my appointments is what I consider to set me apart from other providers. People leave my appointments happy and continue to do so, again and again.

Whatever hearing related matter you would like advice on, whether it be hearing aids, ear wax removal or even just a general chat regarding your hearing health, please do not hesitate to contact me.’

Home Visits Available

If you are housebound, home visits are available depending on your location*. Please contact Olivia if you would like to book a hearing test in the comfort of your own home.

*Additional charge may apply.